During the International Student Week, November 13, the EducationUSA Advising Center in Albania organized a visit at University of New York (UNYT) Tirana.
Mrs. Cheryl Francisconi, the Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC) for Southern Europe, Mirela Cupi, Educational & Cultural Assistant at PAO, US Embassy in Albania and Jonida Lamaj, Adviser at the EdUSA Albania, presented to UNYT students: “How to Apply to Study in the U.S.”.

About 20 students attended this presentation and many of them were interested to follow the Graduate level in U.S.

Mrs. Francisconi spoke why is important to study in a U.S. institution, Which are the main opportunities for a Master program, which institution is a good option, etc..
Mrs. Cupi spoke about the Fulbright and Humphrey program, as important resources of scholarship programs.
Mrs. Lamaj spoke about the 5 steps to study in the U.S., which are the center’s main services, available financial aid report, etc..

Mast of the participants were interested to study Economic, Finance, Accounting, International Relation, etc..

Venue: UNYT lecture hall