On March 6, 2014 the EducationUSA Advising Center in Albania organized a visit at Qemal Stafa High School in Tirana.
The Advisers Jonida Lamaj and Fatjona Qurku presented to the high school students: “How to Apply to Study in the U.S.”.

About 60 students attended this presentation and many of them were interested to follow the Undergraduate level in U.S. About 30 students left their contacts to be informed for future workshops and scholarship announcements.

Mrs. Lamaj spoke why is important to study in a U.S. institution, which are the main opportunities for an Undergraduate program, which institution is the best fit, etc..
Mrs. Qurku spoke about the 5 steps to study in the U.S., which are the center’s main services, available financial aid report, etc..
At the presentation was invited Armora Rama, a senior student from Qemal Stafa. She is been admitted by Westminster College in Utah, USA and during the presentation she shared with the other participants her experience with EDUSA Albania and how did she earned her scholarship.

Most of the participants were focused to study Economic, Biology, Law, Accounting, International Relation, etc..

Venue: Activity Hall at Qemal Stafa High School