EdUSA Albania participated at the Albanian Book Fair November 13-17, 2013

Participated at the Albanian Book Fair

November 13 – 17, 2013

Albanian Book Fair is an annual medium where publishing houses promote their new publications. This event is very famous in Albania due to a diversity of participation of different ages all over the country.

Volunteer students and advisers of the Advising Center have been giving information for 5 days about the applications procedures to study in the U.S. The Education Advising Centre in Albania has participated at the Albanian Book Fair 2012 and this was the second year of participation in this important event for Albania.

During the event, we have provided information on main issues relevant to the public, i.e.: finding the appropriate studying institutions in USA,  main admission requirements for a particular field of study, the list of testing requirements, possible sources for financial assistance, various application procedures, etc..

Many students and parents came at our booth at the book fair and met EducationUSA advisers and U.S. Embassy staff to receive first hand, free, and unbiased information about:

 How to define study your objectives and find appropriate institutions;
 Admissions requirements for study in a particular field;
 Testing requirements (TOEFL, PEARSON test of English, GRE, GMAT, SAT,
GED, ACT, etc.);
 Sources of financial assistance and scholarship opportunities;
 How to write a CV/ résumé, an Essay, Letter of inquiry, Letter of references, etc. for a successful application
 J. William Fulbright, Hubert H. Humphrey, and other exchange programs

During this event we have taken about 370 student’s contacts. 65% were interested for undergraduate programs. 30 % were interested in graduate level and 5 % were interested in Post-grad level, PhD program.

EdUSA Albania thanks the volunteer students: Eni Lazri, Joana Alla, Arion Ndregjoni, Arber Dumani, Armand Bajraktari, Olta Myslimi, Particia Myslimi dhe Eva Bajraktari, for providing information for the service’s center and taking contacts of the potential interested students.