Skype session with Fan S. Noli University, Kor├ža, Albania

On April 3rd, EducationUSA Albania had a Skype session with the US Fulbright Elena Shomos at the Career Center at University of Korça. The professor Daniela was interested to apply for Fulbright Scholar Program and the student Ana was interested to apply for a graduate program in Sport Administration.

Adviser Jonida Lamaj gave a short presentation of the main services that offers EducationUSA in Albania and responded to Daniela’s and Ana’s questions according to their applications.

During this session we discussed about samples of letters of motivation, essays, CV, etc.. that are relevant for the Career Center and the advising center gave some available resources that can be used easily.
This Skype meeting was followed by the submission of the documents that were requested online.

EdUSA Albania showed its readiness to future meetings physically or virtually.