Second Pre Departure Orientation

the second Pre-Departure Orientation

On June 19, 11.00 – 14.00
At University Marin Barleti, Campus 1 (Tirana’s Artificial Lake)
Room 24

30 Albanian students that are going to study in U.S. this Fall have attended the second PDO organized by EducationUSA Advising Center in Albania.
The US Fulbright Elena Shomos gave general information on relevant issues that Albanian students might face while living in the U.S.

• First Days - dealing with jet lag and homesickness
• Campus life in the US
• Homework and reading: what to expect
• Office hours
• US coffee culture
• Alcohol and smoking in the US
• Campus involvement
• Staying mentally healthy
• Health, LGBT, and counseling services
• Speaking English
• Banking and financial management, insurance

Mrs. Mirela Cupi, Educational & Cultural Assistant at PAO, US Embassy in Albania, Mr. Brian J. Street, Assistant Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy in Albania, Adviser Jonida Lamaj and Adviser Fatjona Qurku  participated in this event and interact with the Albanian students according to their studies. 
Each student introduced shortly himself, the University and the field of study.
Armora Rama shared her experience with the advising center and the full scholarship offered by Westminster College in Utah and Linda Bardha shared with the participants her first year of experience studying in U.S.

After the presentation all the participants were invited to join the Lunch offered by Marin Barlety University.