Pre-Departure Orientation Fall 2015
EducationUSA Advising Center in Albania organized on July 9, 2015 the Pre-departure Orientation session for the Albanian students who were admitted in the US higher institutions for Fall 2015.
Mrs. Valeri O’Brien, Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy in Albania, Mrs. Mirela Cupi, Educational & Cultural Assistant at PAO, US Embassy in Albania, Mrs. Elda Kokunja, Public Affairs Staff, US Embassy in Albania, Advisers Jonida Lamaj and Aida Hudhri participated in this event and interacted with the Albanian students. Each student introduced themselves, their University and major.
Park University student (MI) Arber Dumani, Westminster College student (UT) Armora Rama, and University of Mississippi student (MS) Linda Bardhi were the guest speakers. They gave general information on relevant issues that Albanian students need to know before going to the States. Some of the topics were:
• First Days - dealing with jet lag and homesickness
• Campus life in the US
• Homework and reading: what to expect
• Office hours
• US coffee culture
• Alcohol and smoking in the US
• Campus involvement
• Staying mentally healthy
• Health and counseling services
• Speaking English
• Banking and financial management, insurance
They also share their own experiences on many issues that they have faced as international students studying in the US and answered many questions that the students who attended the PDO had.
The PDO was held in Marin Barleti University.