Presentation of MAE and PhD in Economics. Study for a US Degree at CERGE-EI in Prague
The Education Advising Centre of Albania accompanied by representatives of CERGE-EI presented on 7th December, Master in Applied Economics (MAE) and PhD in Economics, both with full scholarship.

Both programs were presented by Mr. Leon Petani, PhD. Candidate at CERGE-EI. He provided information on main issues relevant to interested students, i.e.: the online application process, main admission requirements for a Master or PhD. program, the list of testing requirements, possible sources for financial assistance, deadlines of application, etc..

This presentation was characterized by a diversity of participation and a high degree of interest. The Centre provided all interested with newsletters, which contained information related to our services, library and contacts and completed a contact list from all the participants, which will be later used to create the centre network.

At the end of the presentation about 70 people were registered, a copy of which is attached to this form accompanied by some pictures from the presentation.