Presentation: A U.S education in your doorstep
The Education Advising Centre of Albania presented on 10thJanuary, education opportunities in U.S to UMB senior students.

Two educational adviser, Jonida Lamaj and Fationa Qurku, provided information on main issues relevant to interested students, i.e.: how to select the best university, how to do a successful application, main admission requirements for a Master program, the list of testing requirements, possible sources for financial assistance, deadlines of application, etc..

In this presentation took part UMB students and students from other private or public universities.The Centre provided all interested with newsletters, which contained information related to our services, library and contacts and completed a contact list from all the participants,which will be later used to create the centre network.

At the end of the presentation about 50 people were registered, a copy of which is attached to this form accompanied by some pictures from the presentation.