U.S. Higher Education System
The system of education in the U.S. is different from that in Albania.

First of all, we have the Ministry of Education that regulates the application process in the Albanian Universities. The Ministry provides information about the documents that a student need to have in order to apply in an university and also when is the application deadline. The United States has no Ministry of Education. Their Department of Education don’t supervise the universities or colleges, and it doesn’t guide the students about the application process in the U.S universities and colleges. Each university and college can choose their own admission requirements and application deadlines.

Secondly, the U.S. higher education is diverse. With over 4,500 accredited colleges and universities and colleges, the U.S. system has many options for a student to find the institution that best fits him.

Community College: A student can choose to study in a community college, which is a two years college, and will receive an Associate Degree at the end of his/her studies. The credits that you earn in a community college can be transfered into a 4-year institution to attend the third and the forth year to earn the Bachelor degree.

College/University: It is a 4-year institution. After the completion of your studies, you will receive a Bachelor degree and it is comprised of 120 credits. The difference between college and university is that a college offers only undergraduate programs, while an university offers undergraduate and graduate programs. They can be private or public universities/colleges.

Liberal arts college: It is a college when students are required to take courses on several disciplines before they specialize in a specific major.

Medicine and Law. In order to apply for a medical school or law school, you have to finish a Bachelor degree first, since these two majors starts at postgraduate level.