A U.S. Masters Degree 100% online
Claremont Lincoln University has launched a Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership.  

Online, Engaging, Accelerated and Affordable

Professionals who are ready to step from the sidelines and engage the pressing challenges of the world can now enroll in a dynamic, cross-cultural Masters Program. Designed for mid-career professionals, social entrepreneurs, and cause crusaders, this program presents ethics and leadership from a wide spectrum of perspectives: personal, professional, moral, philosophical, spiritual, cultural and religious. And the degree is also oriented to people who want to put leadership skills to work - now.
A fully accredited U.S. Masters Degree in as little as 15 months
100% online learning
30 credit hours, minimal technical requirements and a cost of $15,000 USD
Flexibility to study while you work
No student visa application needed
Registration is now open, so visit www.claremontlincoln.org/leadership/ for an introduction to the professors, the curriculum, and what may be the pivot point to a new, or newly invigorated career.