EDUSA will organize the Pre-Departure Orientation on November 13


Pre-Departure Orientation

At University Marin Barleti, Campus 1 (Tirana’s Artificial Lake)

November 13, 11.00 – 13.00

The REAC Cheryl Francisconi and the US Fulbrighter Elena Shomos will give a general information to the Albanian students who have been accepted at a U.S. institution, on isuess they might face while living in the U.S.

The Albanian students that are going to start schooll in January 2014 will get relevant information on:

• First Days - dealing with jet lag and homesickness
• Campus life in the US
• Homework and reading: what to expect
• Office hours
• US coffee culture
• Alcohol and smoking in the US
• Campus involvement
• Staying mentally healthy
• Health, LGBT, and counseling services
• Speaking English
• Banking and financial management, insurance

Don’t miss this important event!

For any question please contact 0692084436