Nje mundesi e shkelqyer per te kryer studimet Master ne USA
1. Each EducationUSA advising center will now have the opportunity to nominate one outstanding individual for the SIS Hall of Nations-EducationUSA Award for Fall 2014.  The individual must have been admitted to a regular master's program at SIS for Fall 2014. The Admissions Committee of the School will review the nominations and make a decision accordingly. The award carries with it full tuition remission and the opportunity to work as a graduate research assistant.  Please note that no more than 2 awards total will be offered for Fall 2014, .  Please also note that nominations should be submitted for non-sponsored fellows. Please contact us separately to learn about our initiatives with sponsored programs.  

2. To further support the mission of Opportunity Funds and the efforts of our EducationUSA colleagues in this program, recipients of Opportunity Funds applying to any master's or PhD program at SIS are now eligible to receive an application fee waiver of $50.  

How To Proceed
1. For the SIS Hall of Nations-EducationUSA Award, the EducationUSA advisor must email the name of the individual being nominated to SIS' Associate Director of Graduate Enrollment Management, Jia Jiang, at jiang@american.edu.  The nomination must be accompanied by clearly stated reasons why this individual is an outstanding candidate for SIS' graduate program in international relations.  Please feel free to share any special circumstance that you think the Committee should be aware of.  Nominations should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than January 15, 2014.  Candidates being nominated must have their entire application package completed by the same date to be considered.  

2. Recipients of Opportunity Funds should indicate in the Additional Information section of their SIS online application that they learnt about the program through the EducationUSA Office in X City.  They will subsequently enter the name and email of the advisor they've been working with and the referral/fee waiver code of SISEdUSAOF.

Next Steps
1. Consider the individuals in your network whom you think are appropriate candidates for these opportunities.
2. Invite these candidates to click here to read about SIS' graduate programs, or here to visit SIS application requirements.
3. Visit this page to view upcoming online application workshops these candidates can participate in to prepare a strong application.
4. Send your nominations in to Jia at jiang@american.edu by January 15, 2014!

We hope these opportunities will open many doors for our truly outstanding and well-deserving students and thank you for working through another cycle with us!

Te interesuarit te kontaktojne ne 0692084436.