Write On! Albania

The annual Peace Corps creative writing contest, WRITE ON! ALBANIA, will be held at various sites throughout the country in early March. The competitions in Tirana will be held on Saturday, March 1 at 11am at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages.

This is for students from grades 6 through university (but not masters students). No preregistration is required. Participants must show up on time with paper, pen, and imagination. Note, electronic devices, dictionaries, etc. will not be permitted. We are looking for writing which will delight and amaze the reader. The judging will be based only on content. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and mechanics will not be judged. Topics will be assigned at the event, not in advance.

The first place winner at each grade level will be entered into an international competition among 20 Eastern European countries. The top 3 winners at each grade level will be recognized with certificates. The top 5 winners at each grade level will be invited to a free 3 day creative writing workshop in Elbasan.

Participants are encouraged to visit the WRITE ON! ALBANIA website, writeonalbania.blogspot.com, and view the winning entries from 2013. But remember, we want your work to be even better than these. Like us on Facebook.