Application Timeline
Below is a timeline that will help you with the application timeline.

At the beginning of your 2nd year of High School:

  • Standardized Tests (TOEFL, SAT): To take the SAT you should register at, while for the TOEFL, you should register at If you don't get the score you wanted, you can have another change to retake the exam and perfect your score.
  • Contact us for the universities list that you might be interested to apply and see the admission requirements, scholarships and financial aid, if they do offer to international students.

At the beginning of your last year of High School:

  • It’s better for you to have taken your standardized tests, and to have the scores of the exams ready.
  • Choose the schools you're going to apply to. Try to have a variety of school based on the competitiveness, like one or two highly competitive schools, one or two very competitive, and one or two low competitive.
  • Request teacher, conselor (principal) letter of recommendation and transcripts.
  • Note institutional scholarship deadline.

Winter of your last year of High School:

  • Complete the CSS profile or the financial aid form and apply for scholarship.
  • Send mid-term transcripts if it required.

Spring of your last year of High School:

  • Receive college desicion notices.
  • Compare financial packages.
  • Confirm your decision (send in a deposit if it is required)
  • Apply for your visa
  • Attend the Pre-departure Orientation organize by us.

Application and financial aid deadlines affect when you take standardized tests because test results must reach admissions offices no later than their application deadlines.