Competitive College Club
The EducationUSA Competitive College Club (CCC) is an intensive group advising program that assists top high school students who want to be competitive applicants to U.S. colleges and universities. Students meet monthly and participate in lectures, book clubs, community service activities, cross-cultural exercises and test preparation.

The EducationUSA Competitive College Club is increasingly recognized by U.S. admissions officers as an indicator that the student has completed an intensive program, following specific guidelines and program requirements; they recognize that a CCC member is a talented, committed person who has worked hard, year-round, to improve skills, and s/he has very high chances for success in a U.S. degree program.

Who can apply?
CCC are open to students in grades 10-12 who are excellent students, GPA required above 9.5. Students will sign the Code of Conduct detailing their responsibilities, which include attending all meetings during the school year.
While there are no guarantees that a CCC student will be accepted to a U.S. college or university, this intensive group advising often provides the best possible chance.

Some of the Sessions topics:

  • 2+2 programs, university/college, liberal arts
  • Testing Requirements  (TOEFL, SAT)
  • Academic Writing/ How to write a successful admission essay
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships opportunities
  • Book Club
  • Visa Application Procedures
  • Discussion on Life in USA.

The application process to become part of the Competitive College Club starts on July 1 and ends on August 31.